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RECIPE: Kale Artichoke Dip

Super Bowl Sunday is full of temptation. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or you just show up for the commercials, it’s great excuse to eat some grub. Healthy choices are hard to make when everyone around you is chowing down on fried chicken wings and greasy potato skins. We will feel a little lighter (mentally, at least) knowing we’re chomping down on some kale during the big game. How many people can say they got their daily dose of vitamins A, K, & C while watching football?

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Comfort Food Classics with a Leafy Green Twist

Now that January has hit and the new year is here, winter is fully upon us. Even us in SoCal are beginning to crave cold weather dishes! We know the temperatures here hardly compare to the bone-chilling winters in the rest of the country, but you'd be surprised how many Californians you see in heavy coats on 50-degree days. It only makes sense to give comfort foods a California twist by adding extra leafy greens and herbs to your next cold weather meal.

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