We're feeling HOT HOT HOT

Summer has arrived and it’s hot here in LA.  In fact, it’s been crazy hot.  Record-breaking hot.  Wildfires have already burned more than 50,000 acres and the season is just getting started.  Even our precious avocados are suffering!  June’s extreme heat killed a number of trees which means we are all going to have to live with FEWER AVOCADOS over the coming year.  For us Southern Californians that’s pretty much blasphemy. 

But in all seriousness, the effects of climate change are becoming harder to ignore. California is in its fifth year of severe drought and these Mad Max like conditions are going to get worse.  2015 was the warmest year on record and it’s projected that Southern California could start experiencing more than 50 days per year where the temperature rises above 95 degrees.  So where does that leave us?  More heat, less water.  To date conservation efforts have done little to prepare us for the harsh reality that drought is our new normal.

“But I shortened my showers,” you say.  “I stopped watering my lawn!” 

As much as we love your enthusiasm, the harsh reality is that you have very little control over water savings.  Agriculture accounts for 80% of all human water use in California.  (Sort of kills the buzz from your power shower doesn’t it?).  If that isn’t enough to make you reach for a drink, consider the fact that Saudi Arabia has been quietly purchasing farmland in California with premiere water rights.  That means even less water gets diverted to California cities and agriculture.  And experts warn that over-pumping our ground water reserves will cause land to sink, lead to seawater intrusion and cause overall infrastructure damage.

Us Californians aren’t the only ones who need to worry. Consider the fact that 98% of all leafy greens are grown in California and Arizona, not to mention most of the other produce this country consumes. 

More heat, less water also means less food

We hate the thought of a future without avocado toast too.  We believe agriculture needs to do its part to conserve water.  That’s why we are building our farms for maximum water efficiency: they currently use 97% less water than outdoor agriculture. We are preparing for the future to make sure that the heat and the drought don’t keep interfering with our foodgrams.  You can still get beautiful, hyper-local leafy greens 365 days a year.  At Local Roots we are making sure everyone gets to eat fresh, healthy food, no matter what.

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