At Local Roots, We believe it is our responsibility to create the sustainable food system of tomorrow. In order to feed 10 billion people globally by 2050 and reduce the environmental burden of conventional agriculture, we need to rethink how and where we grow food. We will use controlled environment farming technologies to handle the increasingly volatile climate while providing more people access to lush, nutritious produce.


Good food brings us together. It makes us happier, more energetic, and better able to chase our dreams. 

Our team works hard everyday to lead by example and inspire healthier lifestyles. We aspire to elevate health an nutrition in America and around the world.



Our farms bring agriculture jobs back to cities and create green-collar jobs for the future. 

We place our farms in inner-cities to help provide fresh produce to the 22 million Americans currently living in food deserts. 


Our farming is better than "sustainable." We do more with less, feeding the world of tomorrow while repairing the damage done by traditional outdoor farms.   

We Farm With:

  • 97% Less Water

  • 0 Harmful Run-Off

  • 1/2 the Carbon Footprint