We transcended commonplace hydroponic technology to create a proprietary growing system that’s actually scalable. Rooted in technological innovation, our standardized operating procedures yield predictable harvests and volumes without compromising our superior taste and texture.


LED Lighting

Our custom-engineered LED lights outperform traditional horticultural lighting by allowing us to not only dial into specific photon wavelengths, but also control their intensity.



We capitalize on our ongoing data collection in order to quantify the TerraFarm environment. Through computer vision and deep learning we created a neural network that diagnoses and monitors plant health, allowing TerraFarmers to streamline quality control.



Our sensor systems give us control over atmospheric, nutrient and water conditions within the TerraFarm. By growing our plants in optimal conditions, we can guarantee production volumes and increase growth times by 50%.



Our proprietary software enables TerraFarmers to begin growing without a steep learning curve. By eliminating mundane tasks, TerraFarmers can focus on growing quality food. 




Our efficient configuration allows us to capture and reuse water while still delivering the desired nutrient content. As a result, we use up to 99% less water than outdoor agriculture.  

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Plant + Nutrition Science

We never stop learning. Our dedicated plant scientists, botanists, agronomists and engineers are committed to developing stronger, more affordable, more nutrient-dense crops. Their studies set the stage for more nutritious, tastier plants.